Since 2013, Tracey has prepared students to perform vocal assessments through the Canadian Royal Conservatory Certificate Program. The RCM provides a comprehensive training program which includes technique, challenging repertoire, and music literacy such as ear training, sight-reading and music theory. With over 125 years of success training musicians in Canada, this program helps Tracey's students achieve their vocal and musical goals as well as recognize them at an international level for their accomplishments. Students prepare skills and repertoire and then complete an individual assessment before a RCM College Examiner in Oswego or Chicago. The feedback they gain is specific, relevant, and shows them how they compare with other students on a international level. She has experience preparing students in Preparatory - Level 7, and her students have completed over 50 assessments collectively. Her students have received awards for the highest assessment score at the state and local levels.


In 2016 two of Tracey's students were awarded the Gold Medal for their assessments in Levels 3 and Level 5. The Gold Level is awarded to the top performing student in the country in a calendar year for a specific exam level. 

Congratulations to:

Elena C. Gold-Level 5 Voice, 2016

Sophie B. Gold-Level 3 Voice, 2016

Please contact Tracey and visit to learn more about this excellent program for developing singing musicians.

In 2017, Tracey was invited to become an asset contributor for the Royal Conservatory of Music. Tracey has published articles on repertoire, and the development of musicianship skills in the studio which are published online at the Royal Conservatory Teacher's Portal.

Tracey is recognized as an Elementary Voice Specialist by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada since 2016.